The AM-40's name means "Ascension Marine .40 Cal". It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle used by the Imperasins with a heavy kick to it, yet at the same time is light. With a heavy kick on the butt end means a heavy kick on the bullet's end, and so when this is fired and finds its' prey, they would better hope it hit their head.

Description Edit

The AM-40 has a fairly large, titanium barrel with rail mounts going half-way from the body on either side. The body and stock are made of solid steel, yet the butt has a rubber cushion on the end. The pistol grip is interchangable and iron sights lay atop the gun. A large banana magazine is used to hold the .40 cal bullets. A flash hider is built into it.

Stats Edit

Category Statistics
Stopping Power Medium-High
Action Semi-Automatic
Range 1250 mR
Ammo Capacity 15 rnds
Total Capacity 90 rnds
Muzzle Velocity 900 m/s
Damage 525 dmg
Spread 1/75
Research Points 6700

Attachments Edit

Flashlight Laser Strobe Light Foregrip Angled Grip Suppressor Flash Hider
No No No No No No No

Scopes/Sights Edit

Red-dot DVS x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 x12 NVS
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes