The B10-20 is a light sniper rifle used by the Folderons meant for quick attacks and mobile squad support. It is very powerful and can create a slight dent in armored vehicles.

Description Edit

The gun has a long barrel made of steel. The skeleton stock and rest of the body is made up of a high strength polymer of plastic and aluminum, and on this body is a long rail mount meant for a scope. The gun operates with a simple bolt action. The magazine is small and fits into the body of the gun thanks to the 7.62mm bullet size.

Stats Edit

Category Statistics
Stopping Power High
Action Bolt-Action
Range 1100 mR
Ammo Capacity 10 rnds
Total Capacity 50 rnds
Muzzle Velocity 9000 m/s
Damage 420 dmg
Spread 1/75
Research Points 3500

Attachments Edit

Flashlight Laser Strobe Light Foregrip Angled Grip Suppressor Flash Hider
No No No No No Yes Yes

Scopes/Sights Edit

Red-dot DVS x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 x12 NVS
No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes