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In Space of War there exists a great many weapons. All have attributes that effect how they might work on the battlefield. There exists numerous weapon types which can be used to your advantage, yet also your disadvantage. Here they are.

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Thanks to the fact that these weapons are fairly complicated, we've compiled a list of shortened terms for our reader to read more easily.

Phrase Meaning Example
Stopping Power How fast a projectile can put something down, or impede movement. E.g. A cannon ball would have higher stopping power, which a .22LR round would not.
Full-Auto A gun with the characteristic of being able to fire rapidly with however long the trigger is held in. E.g. A gun that fires rapidly (AK-47, M16).
Semi- Auto A gun with the characteristic of being able to fire once between each trigger pull. E.g. A gun that fires between each trigger pull (M14, Barrett .50 cal).
Pump/Bolt- Action A gun with the characteristic of a pump or slide having to be pulled back between each shot. E.g. A gun that has to be manually reloaded between each shot (Winchester Model 70, Lee-Enfield).
mR Range of projectile in meters, or Meter Range. E.g. A gun that can send a bullet flying for 100 meters would have a mR of 100 (said as 100 mR).
Ammo Capacity How many rounds a rifle can hold before it needs to be opened up again and have another magazine/set of rounds put into it. E.g. A gun that holds 10 rounds would have 10 rnds fire-able before reload.
Total Capacity How many reloads a rifle has before more ammunition must be found. E.g. A gun that holds 10rnds and has 10 reloads (said as 10 rlds) will have a maximum fire-able amount of 100 rnds (as the number of "rnds" is counted when considering number of "rlds").
rpm How many rounds can be fired within a single minute not considering reload. E.g. A gun that fires 1000 rounds in a minute will have an rpm of 1000 (or 1000 rpm).
mV This means "muzzle velocity", which is how fast a bullet flies in a single second. E.g. A gun that fires at 1000mV has a bullet travel of 1000 meters per second.
dmg How much "torso damage" a bullet will do with a single shot. E.g. A gun that performs 30dmg will deal 30 damage to something shot in the torso, 15dmg to something shot in the legs/arms, and 50dmg to something shot in the head. The simple math here is:

x = Base damage

z = Outcome damage

Torso Shot: x1 = z

Head Shot: x3 - 10 = z

Leg/Arm Shot: x/2 = z

Spread When a weapon is fully "researched" it will always have a chance to shoot off target, and that is what this is. E.g. When fully researched, certain guns will have a chance to shoot off target. In the info box for "Spread" a gun will have a fraction, usually 1/(number). If the code in the game decides to pick this one number, then the bullet will fly off target by 1 centimeter every 150 meters.
Research Points How many research points is required before being able to be used by the player. E.g. When a gun has 10000 rp on it, then it will require 10000 research points before it can be used.

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